WINDMILLS & AIRPORT WOES // Amsterdam, Netherlands

Apparently the weather I experienced in Amsterdam on Thursday was a rarity. Friday morning saw the more typical Amsterdam weather emerge: overcast and grey.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNot to be disheartened, after packing my bags I went for a ride down to the Zaan river where the iconic windmills of Netherlands reside. I have to apologise for the lack of colour in these photos, it really was dreary and grey!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI think I could have got closer to the windmills, but I was a bit pressed for time. I had to catch a flight to Copenhagen in the afternoon, and I wasn’t sure how I would go getting to the airport.





SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThese funky apartment buildings were near Zaandam train station, the closest train stop to my hosts house. They were interesting to say the least!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI forgot to take a photo of it on Thursday, but here is my trusty steed for my time in Amsterdam! This style of bike seemed to be pretty typical for the area. It was fixed gear, the paint was rusting, and the bike stand didn’t work, but it rode wonderfully!

After managing to navigate my way out to the airport successfully, get Danish money, and be seated early at my boarding lounge, I discovered my flight had been delayed. The following emotions ensued:

Photo on 5-09-2014 at 3.24 pmThen they delayed it a second time.Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.55.44 pm

Then a third.

Photo on 5-09-2014 at 3.25 pmEventually, a good two hours after our initial departure time of 2:40pm, we boarded our flight. The flight itself was amazingly quick – 55 minutes – but I wasn’t impressed with the wait!

Thanks to Chris’ instructions I was able to easily navigate my way into Copenhagen city from the airport. It was – and still is – quite surreal seeing Chris again. Today we are off to look around Chris’ neighbourhood. I’m looking forward to checking out where Chris’ life is now set!

– Reanna


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